“You have a document to sign” Week 24

jett rdWelcome to Jett Road!   This is our new home, as of about 24 hours ago.  We do not close until April 28th, but the contract is signed!!  Remember I told you we were packing like crazy last week?  Well, the carpet got replaced, the furniture got moved, little sleep was had, and our home showed over 12 times this past weekend.  But that is not the best part!  The Lord has been working from all angles!  We have long time friends at our church, and their son and wife, also friends, are buying our home!  Out of all the millions of people in Atlanta, our friends are buying our home, and it is perfect for them for so many reasons!  My husband and I had tears in our eyes when we realized they would be buying our home!  It was the stamp of approval from the Lord that we were doing the right thing.  It is special for so many reasons!  The “icing on the cake” is that we will be moving into the house pictured here! This home meets our needs for many different reasons.  We are in awe and wonder!  Truly, inexplicable things have been happening!  I give all glory to Jesus!  We can’t wait to move in at the end of April! Part of my DMP includes having a place where we can host missionaries and guests, where they have a separate entrance, kitchen, etc.  Notice the door and deck leading down to the yard from the garage building! We now have that! I do not miss the connection that this has happened during the MKMMA course!

back of Jett


Saturday already??

Apparently I have been so busy packing and getting new carpet and moving furniture and showing our home, that I spaced out on my blog!  Here is to say, our house is on the market to sell, we have put an offer on a house we love, we have hardly slept all week, we are exhausted, and we are trusting the Lord and “subby”  🙂  to move us into our next house.  I must say, I think this move is for sure in part a result of this course!  Even in January we were not serious about moving!  Two of my kids’ bedrooms we made real improvements on during Christmas vacation!!  So, we think our home will sell quickly, and I will give updates!  Now, I really must get back to working!  Carpet was replaced yesterday, and we have already shown the house 4 times, even before it is ready!  2 more showings today!

My Compass Week 22a


I was having lunch with a friend last week and she saw a small purple Compass on my key chain.  She asked about it.  I told her this is my reminder that I live by a compass, not a clock!  She smiled. She knows a lot about the science of thought, and thought the compass was a great visual.  It is!  I see it every day, along with one hanging in my bathroom next to a small vision of my movie poster.  Of course I also have a compass picture on my movie poster!  Beside that picture I have a phrase on my movie poster, Jesus is my True North. Yes indeed!!

Circumstances, homes, relationships, jobs, all change! Do you have a Compass to help you navigate all the changes?  What is guiding you, leading you toward wise choices?  Is it a clock, telling you where to be and when?  A time card you have to punch at a certain place? Or is it Goals that you have made for yourself?  A Vision Statement that you personally crafted that you enjoy bringing into reality a little more each day?   Are you living by your Bliss or by a clock??  Don’t miss the significance of what my Compass is pointing to in the photo above!  🙂

This world will tug at us from every direction!  Bills, appointments, naysayers, illness.  I am So very Thankful that I have Jesus as my True North who will always keep me centered on the right path.  I am also very thankful for this Mastermind Course which has taught me more about the power of my thought, how to dream bigger, how to focus my thoughts like a magnifying glass, to make a significant impact in one spot, instead of scattered light everywhere.  I am following my dream, and living by a Compass, not a clock.  I will not be swayed by the pulls of this messy Planet.  I will make an eternal impact!

I love the Promise from this verse. It has been a favorite for years.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
    I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.

Psalm 32:8(NIV)

Week 22 The CMR!

caretaker point

Well, another full week in Atlanta!  It is our Missions Festival Week, and we have about 30 missionaries visiting from all over the world!  It is such a fun, thought provoking week!  My husband is the Missions Pastor at our large church, so he pastors these folks year round.  I simply love to see them all in one room, thinking of the cultures they represent, the languages they speak, the souls that will be in Heaven because of their sacrifice and service.  Yet they are very real people, just like you and me.  I know because I was one.  My husband and I lived and served in Siberia for 7 years planting a church.  I also know because these guys are dear friends of mine.  So, I am also reminded of my DMP this week, because a large part of my DMP is owning the Clark Mountain Retreat!  The Clark Mountain Retreat is a large beautiful home on Lake Blue Ridge in North Georgia.  My family enjoys going there, and it is also a retreat where we host missionaries and give them a place of refuge and rest in peaceful surroundings.  I SOO look forward to being able to invite my dear friends and missionaries to this wonderful home!  It will be such a delight to share it with God’s people who are doing such work to advance His Kingdom!  The house is on my movie poster and I look at it every day!

Back in Atlanta, we have not bought a new home yet!  The offer of last week was not accepted, and we have complete peace about that.  We continually gave that decision over to the Lord, and because the offer did not go through, we know it was not the right home for us.  It continues to be a bit inexplicable, however, as now my man is leading the charge for a new home!  He is actively looking online every day, and prior to a few weeks ago, it was not even a discussion!  So, as my Guide reminded me, “subby” is working on just the right house for us, under the Lord’s direction, and we will move forward in Peace and Patience.  Thank you Jesus!

p.s…..the photo above is a picture of the Clark Mountain Retreat, as seen from the lake!  🙂  Did i mention the address is Caretaker Point?!  Isn’t that cool, as I look forward to loving on people in that home!




Week 21 Inexplicable? Yes!

Well, our story continues! Last week I questioned whether inexplicable things were happening, as we had been house hunting a little.  After looking around a lot online and then driving around one afternoon the end of last week, we decided we were done. Our house is fine for now, we are content and blessed!

The very next day a series of events started happening that has been blowing our minds quite a bit!  We had given up the search and were at peace.  Out of the blue a house was “dropped in our lap”.  We actually made an offer on that house Today!  We feel it is completely the blessing of the Lord!  We do not know if our offer will be accepted, but either way, we are completely at peace!  My world without is a reflection of my world within!  I feel the Lord has a twinkle in His eye, and I feel that the mental training I have been engaged in for months now is a part of this picture!  The house we put an offer on is not the house on my “movie poster”, but in many ways it has more potential and looks more like us than the picture on the board.  The Lord and the subby He created in me have been working hard!  Thank you Jesus!  So you can stay tuned for the remainder of the story!

I look forward to sharing it with you!  Last week it was curious that we were house hunting,  this week it is inexplicable that we were NOT house hunting, and have made an offer!  We lived in Siberia for 7 years serving as missionaries planting a church and teaching English. We have quite a few stories!  So as crazy as this story seems to us, it also does not surprise us!  We love a Mighty God who loves to bless His children.  To be continued…..


Inexplicable? Week 20

It is a gorgeous day in Atlanta, and the hope of spring is in the air! I love it!  I will live this day as if it is my last!  I will hug my children and my man!  I will visualize my new reality daily as a service to others!

One of the pictures on my vision board/movie poster is a lovely new home!  We love our current home, however, it does not have a basement, and we have 3 young teenagers!  It has almost become a joke that one of my dreams is a basement!  I was finishing up watching the webbie this past Sunday and my husband arrived home, and said “Lets go for a ride!”  So I quickly jumped up as we didnt have much time before we had to pick up one of our girls.  He had been driving around and came upon a new housing development, and wanted me to see it!  Weird!  So we flew off and saw a lovely home!  That was the beginning of an online house search that has been happening all week!  We just got in from looking at a home with a realtor!  We have not found the perfect house yet, but it is a bit inexplicable to me that we are really even looking!  Very cool!!  I was reminded by “subby” this morning to live by intention, and not by means.  I loved that, as my dreams for our new home are a bit beyond our Current means!  🙂

Earnest Desire.  Firm Demand.  Confident Expectation.  Full Supply.

These 4 phrases are on the back of my 4 x 6 movie poster, and i see them often.  Yes Lord!!

Live this day! Week 19

I will live this day as if it is my last.

I have really enjoyed the Og reading for the past 12 days.  At first I did not appreciate it, because, well of course I am a positive thinker, and this is NOT my last day on this planet.   I still believe that this is not my last day on Earth, but I love being reminded to appreciate today, hug my children, kiss my man, forget about yesterday, and don’t worry about tomorrow!  It helps keep the present Fresh and active, and helps keep a spirit of Gratitude in my heart.  Speaking of gratitude, I am still enjoying writing my “grateful” cards each day, and my 2 sentence mini journal!  Gratitude is a CAUSE. I need to meditate on that more.  Most people think gratitude is simply an effect.

Kindness.  Still continuing to focus on Kindness more, look for it, show it, model it for my kids, teach my kids to walk in kindness!  Again, so simple, yet so life transforming!

I hear myself speaking my affirmations to myself all during the day, and I am grateful for that as well!  The MKMMA is changing thoughts, changing hearts, changing lives, one moment at a time. I will NOT refuse the call, I am on the Hero’s Journey.  My world without is a reflection of my world within, full of peace, blessing, joy, love, abundance, and the Presence of the Lord.